Beyond the Call is out now

Beyond the Call, the amazing true story of a top secret mission of mercy on the Eastern Front in World War 2, is now out in hardback in the USA, UK and Commonwealth.


It’s been a privilege and a thrill to write this book, and the usual satisfaction that comes with seeing a book published is made all the more fulfilling by the thought that we’re bringing to light an important and previously unknown tale of wartime heroism.

Robert Trimble April 1945

Captain Robert M. Trimble’s mission to rescue Allied prisoners of war from Soviet-occupied Poland took him through the terrible realities of the Eastern Front: the atrocities committed by Nazi and Soviet forces; the death camps of the Holocaust and the slave labour camps of the Third Reich. A veteran bomber pilot who had already been damaged psychologically by his experiences in the air, Captain Robert Trimble risked all to help hundreds of lost souls to safety.

He kept his story secret for decades after the war, until in 2006 an accidental slip of the tongue led his son Lee (co-author of the book) to discover a whole dimension of his father’s war service he’d previously known nothing about.

Read Robert Trimble’s amazing story in Beyond the Call.

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